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Schmidt Science Fellowship

Schmidt Science Fellows is an initiative of Schmidt Futures, delivered in partnership with the Rhodes Trust. They are currently recruiting final year PhD students for a fourth cohort of Fellows in the coming month. The successful candidates will join a community of 56 current and Senior Fellows.

We are living in a new era of science, technology, and innovation. Scientific progress and cutting-edge technologies are rapidly accelerating our understanding of the natural and built worlds. Research is global and is helping us to tackle many pressing challenges and improving lives around the world. 

In this new era, the best scientists should draw insights from across numerous disciplines, be able to apply new techniques, and possess a broad worldview informed by the intersections between science and society.

This is the space the Schmidt Science Fellows work in.

Schmidt Science Fellows are pioneers, trailblazers, and risk-takers. They enjoy unparalleled intellectual and scientific freedom and membership of a supportive, lifelong community that provides a safe place to take scientific risks and push the boundaries of science. 

Please note, applications for the 2022 programme have now closed.


Eligibility and assessment criteria

In order to be eligible for nomination to the Schmidt Science Fellows application process for 2022, candidates must meet the following requirements:

Have conducted their graduate degree in the natural sciences (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Sciences), Engineering, Mathematics, or Computing – and all sub-disciplines therein.

Have completed, or expect to complete, all of the requirements for the conferral of their PhD in one of these fields between 01 June 2021 and 30 July 2022.

Be available for the entire period of the 2022 program, from July 2022 to September 2023 including attendance of the Global Meeting Series (whether virtual or in person, as conditions allow, and including additional virtual programming).

You can more information in the programme's Person Description and Selection Criteria.

How to self-nominate

When there is an open call for applications, candidates are required to submit the following documents:

  • letter of interest stating motivation and suitability, referring to the aims of the programme and person specification (500 words max)
  • current CV (2 sides of A4 max, plus publications and presentations) clearly stating the full legal name, email address and scientific field of PhD
  • a reference letter from supervisor or PI detailing applicant’s suitability.

A senior academic panel, coordinated by the Postdoc Academy, shortlists candidates internally. All self-nominees will receive an email confirming their outcome. 

Shortlisted nominees then receive an authorisation code which will allow them to register their details on the application portal to complete their full applications.

Please note once nominees receive their authorisation code from the Postdoc Academy, all further queries about the application should be directed to the Schmidt Foundation directly. The Postdoc Academy administers the internal selection of candidates only.


Any questions about the self-nomination process can be directed to

About the programme

The Schmidt Science Fellows programme provides the world’s best emerging scientists with new skills and perspectives to develop novel solutions to society’s challenges, become scientific and societal thought leaders, and accelerate ground-breaking discoveries.

Fellows receive a stipend of $100,000 a year and are supported to develop the skills and perspectives needed to accelerate discovery, advance solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, and to become future leaders in science and society.

They are supported to pursue a postdoctoral placement at a world-leading laboratory anywhere in the world in a disciplinary pivot from their PhD.

During their Fellowship year, they also participate in a varied and challenging Global Meeting Series that introduces new research ideas, techniques, and questions, in addition to a tailored training program.

Fellows benefit from a personalised mentoring program, providing professional development support from experienced and internationally accomplished scientists, and at the completion of the Fellowship year, join a community of alumni for ongoing support, interaction, and programming opportunities. 

To learn more about Schmidt Science Fellows, take a look at the ‘We Are Schmidt Science Fellows’ features and film series.