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Postdoc Academy


Your time as a postdoc here could be an important step in your career and chapter in your life. As well as the training and support in the area of researcher development and the wider network of the postdoc community, there are a range of professional opportunities open to you as a postdoc at Cambridge.



The Postdoc Academy hosts unique fellowships for some of Cambridge’s most outstanding researchers as they reach the pivotal career transition to independence: the Borysiewicz Biomedical Sciences Fellows and the Canada-UK Fellows.

These schemes provide tailored, holistic support and development opportunities which enhance not only the scientific development and interdisciplinary training of the Fellows, but also their capacity to build creative solutions to global challenges.

This section provides information about each scheme, application details, and guidance for current Fellows.


College Affiliations

The Postdoc Academy works closely with Cambridge's 31 Colleges to develop affiliation opportunities for postdocs.

Many postdocs value such a formal attachment to one of the Colleges, which gives them access to the facilities, benefits, teaching opportunities and interdisciplinary contacts that a College could offer.

Find out more about the different types of affiliation and application processes in this section, as well as a list of current affiliation opportunities.


Professional Placements

There are an increasing number of departments and institutes seeking to recruit postdocs to short-term placements on funded research projects.

You can find information and application details for current opportunities in this section.


Teaching Opportunities

Many postdocs are keen to get involved with teaching at the University, and there are a number of different opportunities to do that.

This section provides information about teaching undergraduate students, as well as opportunities specifically for postdocs to teach in different departments.

You can also find links to training, guidance and support for teaching here.



Securing independent funding can be a key concern for postdocs, so this section highlights some places to look for different types of funding, from major research grants to public engagement seed funds.