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Postdoc Academy


If you are a postdoc affiliated with Cambridge through a visitor's agreement, a University Partner Institute (UPI), or through a College fellowship or employment contract, you may find some of the resources you have access to differ.

To help you navigate which resources you can interact with, we have compiled some information below:


Resources you have access to

Available to College postdocs

Available to UPI postdocs

Available to visiting postdocs

Postdoc Academy Communications, training, online resources, mentoring, postdoc welcome events, networking, postdoc centres (event space and hot-desking), representation opportunities. Yes Yes Yes
Postdocs of Cambridge Society Communications, events, entrepreneurial activities, departmental network, management committee opportunities. Yes Yes Yes
Postdoc Careers Service Communications, 1:1 appointments, career planning, online resources, events, networking, opportunity listings, access to careers service online after completion of postdoc. Yes Yes Yes
Personal and Professional Development UAS bulletin (for all staff members), online courses. Yes (with Raven login) Yes (with Raven login) Yes (with Raven login)
In-person courses. No Yes (with 3 days notice, if spaces available) Yes (with 3 days notice, if spaces available)
Mentoring for postdocs wanting to move into professional services. Case by case Case by case Case by case
Public Engagement Communications, awards, starter fund, events, training. Yes No No
Office of Scholarly Communications Communications, online resources, training, events. Yes Yes Yes


Make sure you sign up to receive the weekly Postdoc Bulletin. Here we provide you with updates and opportunities for postdocs in Cambridge and beyond.

You also have access to all the Staff Diversity Networks.

If you have any contract or employment queries, you should speak to your employer or local HR contact in the first instance, but please contact us on if needed.