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Postdoc Academy


As a postdoc, you are an innovator in training and you already share behaviours with entrepreneurs.

Developing your entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities enables you to spot opportunities and have the capacity to act on these with confidence.

Whether that’s in relation to gaining independence in an academic career, a commercial opportunity, policy intervention, or other ways your research can have impact.


Find out about the resources available to help you develop your entrepreneurial thinking and build your confidence to explore different avenues of impact:


Postdocs to Innovators Network

The Postdoc Academy is a leading partner within Postdocs to Innovators (p2i) - an international partnership between institutes of higher education and global companies.

p2i's aim is to enhance postdocs' entrepreneurial mindset and a key set of skills, which they can use to pursue careers that will be personally and professionally meaningful both within and outside of academia.


The p2i programme enables postdocs to engage in a range of activities, including:

  • postdoc societies
  • entrepreneurship events
  • business plan competitions
  • mentoring
  • residential training programmes
  • online education courses.


Participants are connected with other researchers, industrial contacts, investors, entrepreneurs, and academics with experience in starts-ups.


Online Training

p2i Online: Empowering Researchers to Innovate

Postdocs to Innovators (p2i) offers this online course which is free to postdocs from the University of Cambridge and partner institutes who want to learn more about how to seize opportunities and see them through.

The course is ideal for postdocs from any discipline who are:

  • open to learning to think entrepreneurially
  • curious about entrepreneurship
  • ready to develop entrepreneurial skills and confidence
  • keen to develop their networks.

Find out more about the course and how to apply.


Venture Creation Programmes

Venture creation events and programmes provide aspiring entrepreneurs with an exciting opportunity to develop, test and pitch business ideas.

They usually involve working in teams across a set time period (anything from an academic term, to an intense few days), and often involve mentoring and advice from experts and investors.


p2i sponsors places for postdocs to attend for free on a number of these, including:


Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge Society

Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge (EPOC) is a society founded by postdocs with support from the Postdoc Academy, Cambridge Enterprise and Cambridge Judge Business School.

They have hosted events and initiatives to create awareness of entrepreneurial opportunities and foster a multidisciplinary network of entrepreneurial postdocs within the University.

Previous speakers have included: GV (formerly Google Ventures), BP, IndieBio, AstraZeneca, and local crowdfunding organisations.


Cambridge's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The University Enterprise Network is a website for researchers at the University of Cambridge who are interested in enterprise and innovation.

It provides links to the local organisations which provide education, support, and ways to expand your own network.


Of particular note for postdocs:

Cambridge Enterprise – in addition to supporting academics to commercialise their research, they also hold events and training specifically aimed at postdocs, and an annual Postdoc Business Plan Competition.

Cambridge Judge Business School – they host Enterprise Tuesday talks with tech pioneers, business leaders and experienced entrepreneurs, and postdocs can apply for sponsored places on their entrepreneurial programmes through p2i.