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Postdoc Academy


If you're new to your postdoc position, or have just found the Postdoc Academy, these are the six best ways to get started and make the most of our services.



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Find out how to use your local Postdoc Centre for hot-desking and event spaces.


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Subscribe to the Postdoc Bulletin to get our weekly newsletter with upcoming opportunities, events and updates for postdocs.

Check the Postdoc Calendar to find events for postdocs across the University. You can also add it to your own Outlook, Google or Apple calendar to stay up-to-date.

Engage with our Researcher Development training, including expert-led workshops on topics ranging from negotiating skills and imposter syndrome, to writing Fellowship grants and building research collaborations.
Look for professional networks to explore further teaching opportunities, interdisciplinary contacts and support that the University and Colleges offer. Details of current opportunities are listed on our website and advertised in the Postdoc Bulletin.


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Consider finding a mentor, either through our postdoc mentoring scheme, or using the resources on our website to find a mentor elsewhere in your network.


Now find out more about the purpose of the Postdoc Academy and what we do