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Postdoc Academy


Researcher development, at its heart, encompasses all the learning and development that you experience and acquire during your time in Cambridge.

It provides you with the skills you need right now for your current work, as well as for your future, whatever that might look like. 

We deliver a diverse programme of activities and resources for researchers, as well as acting as a hub for the coordination of researcher development provision in the University.

We welcome your ideas for new professional development training and opportunities. You can submit these or vote on ideas submitted by other postdocs via slido.


Postdoc Inductions

The Postdoc Academy runs welcome events for all new postdocs where you'll be given information about the wide range of opportunities and services available within Cambridge, and specifically how they can help you as a postdoc.


Online Professional Development

There is now an unprecedented amount of online content to support your professional planning and development.

To help you navigate and choose relevant topics for your own situation, we've collated professional development resources around a series of themes, which you can access online at any time.


1:1 Support and Coaching

As a postdoc, you can access confidential one-to-one support (currently online) with experts in researcher development, career planning, and communication and personal impact.



Mentoring is a key part of the Postdoc Academy’s approach to improving research culture and creating a more open, supportive environment for all who work in the research area. 

Our popular and successful mentoring scheme offers individualised matching with mentors drawn from academia, business and industry, governance, administration and charities.

Find out more about the scheme and how to sign up in this section.


Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skills

The Postdoc Academy provides a range of activities to connect researchers to Cambridge’s rich entrepreneurial ecosystem, including companies in the Cambridge Cluster.

These activities support innovation, entrepreneurship and translational activity at all stages of the entrepreneurial journey. Particularly focusing on developing early awareness and facilitating access to wider research and innovation networks.


HR Support

Find information here about where to go for support with a range of HR matters.