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Postdoc Academy


The Postdoc Academy runs welcome events for all new postdocs - whether your contract is with the University, a Partner Institute or a College.

At these Postdoc Welcome Events, you are given information about the wide range of opportunities and services available within the University of Cambridge - and specifically how they can help you as a postdoc.

There is also an opportunity to ask questions directly to representatives from these services and to meet other new postdocs. 

The services cover:

  • Career development
  • Human Resources and other employment-related matters
  • Postdoc societies
  • Living in Cambridge and family life



Take a look at our Quick-Start Guide for a few simple ways to get started as a postdoc and make the most of Postdoc Academy services.

Our Postdoc Map of University Services will help you find your way to the resources, networks and organisations around the University that offer support to you as a postdoc.


For more information, download the presentation from the main speakers at the April 2023 Postdoc Welcome Event.

This includes slides from the Postdoc Academy, Postdoc Careers Service, Postdoctoral Society of Cambridge (PdOC) and Human Resources. 


Upcoming Postdoc Welcome Events

Wednesday 5 July 2023: 1pm (online)

Wednesday 13 September 2023: 10am (in person)