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Postdoc Academy


Postdoc Appreciation Week 2021 takes place from 20 - 24 September.

Throughout the week, we'll be tweeting thank you cards to postdocs who have made contributions to our department and community this year.

We'd like to encourage you to do the same!

We've created three card designs that you can download below.

To get involved, simply:

  • Download the card(s) that you would like to use.
  • Post the card as an image in a tweet, with a message thanking your postdocs.
  • Remember to tag us (@Postdoc_Academy) when you tweet so that we can share your messages. You can also use the Postdoc Appreciation Week hashtags #NPAW2021 and #LovePostdocs.
  • You can also attach the cards to an email to send a personal message to your postdocs as well.

Download the cards: