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Postdoc Academy


Newcomers and Visiting Scholars (NVS)

NVS is a wonderful group that welcomes all those who are new to the University, as well as their families.

Postdocs arrive in Cambridge from all over the world, and many of them have partners and families with them. While postdocs are settling into their new working life, supported by colleagues, it can be a lonely and bewildering time for their families. NVS is here to help!

NVS, which is run entirely by volunteers, organises a huge range of outings, talks and group activities including:

  • English conversation
  • Cultural discussion group
  • Literary discussion group
  • Walking tours around the local area
  • Children’s storytelling
  • Yoga
  • Watercolour art group

They also have a programme of Tuesday morning talks & tours, which runs during term time and informal coffee meetings during vacation time.

NVS has offices with the Accommodation Service at Kellet Lodge and with the Postdoc Academy at Mill Lane.

Find out more about the group and their programme of activities on the NVS website.


Finding work in the UK

If your partner has permission to work in the UK, working can be a good way to meet local people and make friends, as well as earn extra money.

It may be difficult at first to find work in your area of expertise, so you may have to consider a greater range of potential jobs than you would do in your home country.

Registering with the University’s Temporary Employment Service (TES) may be a good way to get started. TES provides temporary work opportunities throughout the University and its Colleges.

These are typically short-term cover for staff absences or temporary additional work, and can be in the areas of secretarial, administrative and library work, IT, finance, event planning, catering, cleaning and general maintenance.


Volunteering in the UK

Volunteering means working unpaid by giving your time and skills for free. Voluntary work can be a great way to learn new skills, gain experience for your CV and be involved in something worthwhile in the local community.

The University of Cambridge hosts a wide range of volunteering opportunities, including:


You can find further information about support for families, including schools and childcare, on our Moving to Cambridge page.