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Postdoc Academy


Cambridge Zero and Cambridge University Press & Assessment are bringing together academics and content development colleagues from CUP&A to explore incorporating current research on climate change and solutions into the school curriculum at national and international scales.

This is a unique opportunity for the University to draw on climate and sustainability knowledge and research to directly influence education content and qualifications - and could be a direct path to impact from your research to learners in school.

They are offering a paid opportunity for postdocs to present their climate-related research to colleagues who develop curriculum, teaching and assessment materials.
They are currently planning a series of events with a specific focus on Geography to inform a review of the Geography GCSE, International GCSE and AS/A Levels. Three half-day events will be held in February and March.

If you would be interested in taking part in these events then please contact Catrin Darsley, Education Manager at Cambridge Zero by 5pm on Monday 30 January.
If you would be interested in this type of work, irrespective of discipline, then please express your interest here by Friday 17 February.

CUP&A are excited to hear about research or thinking into climate change solutions. This can include wider holistic understandings of climate and sustainability themes, for example the biodiversity crisis, just transitions, or broader economic or social ramifications of climate change.