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Postdoc Academy


The Postdoc Academy is leading a project to investigate the impacts of COVID-19 on postdocs at Cambridge and how the University can best respond to the needs which are emerging.

In particular, we are seeking to understand how the pandemic’s impacts have differed, and how its after-effects will continue to differ, across groups within our community.

We want to build a highly nuanced, inclusive understanding of the challenges experienced and potential future issues, so that we can shape responses in ways which fully respect the extraordinary diversity of the University’s postdocs.

We are looking for volunteers to participate in a series of community focus groups on Zoom. These sessions will be facilitated by two expert equity and inclusion consultants and will last 90-120 minutes.

Our intent is to provide a safe space for an honest reflection on the impacts of the pandemic, with a particular view to identifying unequal or uneven trends, and to achieve a step change in how we understand the diverse needs of the postdoc community.

Find out more about the project and how to take part.