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Postdoc Academy


Cambridge Zero exists to maximise the University of Cambridge’s contribution towards achieving a resilient and sustainable zero-carbon world.

As part of this endeavour, they are offering Public Engagement & Media Fellowships to provide PhDs and postdocs with the knowledge, skills and support to enable you to engage with the public both online and in-person.

The course has been carefully designed to run over a four week period with interactive support elements, and practical assignments, allowing you as a participant a safe space in which to try out ideas and develop engagement and communication skills which you can use immediately.

As a participant you will:  

  • understand the role of public engagement in research, the various routes to engagement and key criteria for effective communication
  • identify ways in which you can motivate an audience to engage with your research
  • explore tools to craft a clear and memorable narrative
  • appreciate and enhance the peripheral aspects of communication (e.g. writing style, graphic design, visual and vocal impact, etc)
  • practice interactive communications including capturing attention for transient audiences, media engagement and handling questions and challenges for in-person interactions
  • learn and/or sharpen your knowledge of the main social media platforms, with a special hands-on training for Twitter.


Find out more and submit your application by 24 April