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Postdoc Academy


OPdA Mentoring Scheme for Postdocs

The 2019 round of Mentoring for Postdocs is now closed!* 

The very popular and successful mentoring scheme is growing! We have had almost 200 postdocs through our doors now, and feedback is extremely encouraging.

The programme offers individualised formal matching between a mentee (postdoc) and a mentor. Mentors come from academia, business and industry as well as governance, administration and charities.

Academic mentors are drawn from close to but outside the postdoc’s core research area to allow for complete openness in meetings.

Our scheme focuses on Developmental Mentoring, where a postdoc and their mentor work together and create solutions and action plans for successful career progression and personal development. Successful mentoring can lead to increased productivity, career satisfaction and greater reported self-efficacy in the mentee. Participation in such a scheme can be particularly useful for women and minority groups as it has been shown to reduce disparities with other academic members.

The scheme:

  • Both mentors and mentees receive training
  • Postdocs are individually matched with an academic working in a related but different research area or with a mentor from outside academia
  • Mentors and postdocs meet 4-6 times over a one-year period
  • The meetings and their contents are driven by the postdoc
  • All meetings are confidential


Time commitment:

  • Both postdocs and mentors are required to attend a 1.5hr training session
  • Meetings between postdocs and mentors last 30 – 60 minutes each



  • Any postdoc working at Cambridge University, the Colleges and University Partner Institutions


*If you are a potential mentor, and generally for more information please email .

*If you are a postdoc and would like to participate in the scheme, please sign up for our newsletter where we will advertise re-opening of the scheme .


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For any changes and additions about your mentoring scheme signposted here please contact:

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