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Postdoc Academy


Bo Larsen

My main research interests lie in synthetic biology and in the development of transformative methods and technologies that enable us to explore the questions that fascinate us the most.

Academically, my story started with an engineering degree, MSc in Biotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark, where I specialized in heterologous protein expression and medical microbiology.

Later I did my PhD with Professor Barbara Halkier at the DynaMo Center of Excellence, University of Copenhagen, where I characterized plant transporters and developed a high-throughput functional genomics technology platform for plant transporter identification.

I was most recently recruited to Alexander Jones group at the Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, where for the last three years I have engineered optogenetic sensors and actuators to study phytohormone patterning in plants.

I currently lead the team’s optogenetic subgroup, but aspire to start my own group or perhaps even a company.

Through the Canada-UK fellowship programme, I hope to develop skills that will allow me to make the most of future opportunities, talent and resources and to explore my capacity for entrepreneurship.


Karol Nowicki-Osuch

I completed my PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Manchester in 2015 and moved to Cambridge soon after to start my postdoctoral training at the MRC Cancer Unit.

My research focuses on the origin and molecular mechanisms in the development of a pre-cancerous condition called Barrett’s oesophagus.

I am using cutting-edge technology to answer these complex questions. I bring basic biology into the clinical setting by developing novel sequencing technologies that facilitate studies on large cohorts of clinical samples. 

I am passionate about bringing science to the broader community and in improving patients’ and scientists’ wellbeing. Outreach activities are also a great way to involve young people and enthuse them to consider a career in science.

I have established and run several graduate and postdoctoral societies which are both supportive to members and forums for sharing ideas across different areas of research.

As a Canada UK fellow, I am looking forward to further developing my leadership skills, establishing new collaborations that will facilitate advances in early detection of cancer and translating my research skills into effective clinical applications.