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Regardless of where your career journey takes you, you will benefit from taking some time to understand what makes a good leader and to develop confident leadership qualities and skills.

The role of a leader is to motivate others to work together toward a common goal. A skilled leader will make everyone's job (including their own) easier by ensuring that work is distributed in the best possible way and will set an example for good working behaviours.

As a leader, you will draw on communication and project management skills to train and manage your team, so we recommend (re)visiting these themes as you go along.



Effective self-leadership will help you manage your personal research goals and provides a solid foundation for leading others.

This LinkedIn Learning module on self-leadership will help you motivate yourself (including when things are not going according to plan), set goals and manage working relationships with colleagues and managers.

Leading Others

What is (and isn't) the role of a leader? What qualities make a good leader? What skills should you develop to become an effective leader? 

To answer the above questions and to get you started on your leadership development journey, we recommend watching the LinkedIn Learning module Leadership: Practical Skills. You may also wish to look at some of these video case studies from leaders within the University.

The Personal and Professional Development (PPD) office offers a range of films, tools, presentations, tip sheets and models on Leadership and People Development.

As a leader, it is important not only to hone your overall interpersonal communication, but to dedicate time to developing the following skills: