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Postdoc Academy


Communication and Conversations


As a postdoc it is increasingly important that you effectively communicate  with your supervisor and colleagues, as well as having conversations about your research and career intentions.

We've highlighted below the most relevant online learning opportunities for you as a postdoc community.


Communicating your research

The Presentation Skills collection from RD On Demand offers a range of tools and tips for creating compelling talks, papers and posters.

LinkedIn Learning provides Mastering Confident Conversations and Writing in Plain English courses.

The Personal and Professional Development office offer a range of online courses, including Communication Essentials and Presentation Skills.

Communicating with students

The Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning (CCTL) offers a series of guides for online teaching and supervisions.

The Disability Resource Centre also provide resources and guidance for conducting teaching and assessment online.

Communicating with colleagues

Good communication is essential for successful teamwork and collaboration. As a starting point, we recommend LinkedIn Learning's short course on Teamwork Foundations.

The Researcher Development Team have published two podcast episodes on Working with Your Supervisor and Communicating Remotely.

The University’s Personal and Professional Development (PPD) office also offers a range of courses and resources on communication:

Networking and collaborations

Building and maintaining a broad professional network will give you access to a range of opportunities, potential champions and collaborators who will help you along your career journey.

PPD offer resources for Relationship Building and Stakeholder Management that will help you to develop knowledge and skills to help you build and nurture successful networks and collaborations.