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Recent events have driven home the importance of preparing for your future and having solid contingency plans in the face of potential uncertainty. There is now an unprecedented amount of online content to support such planning and development.

To help you navigate and choose relevant topics for your own situation, we'll be featuring suggestions on a weekly basis of themed professional development resources which you can access online at any time.


Communication and Conversations                            

Planning, Productivity and Personal Effectiveness

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Enterprise Skills

Research Skills, Knowledge and Tools



Career Planning and Progression



Engaging with your Professional Development

We have also compiled some resources below to help you get the most out of your online professional development.

Effective engagement with online learning

The resources below will help you to maximise the benefit of developing yourself in the online learning environment:

Finding online Researcher Development content

Be sure to visit our Online Professional Development webpage to check out some of the University services that are currently providing online professional development opportunities that are relevant to postdocs.

Access 1:1 support

You can access confidential one-to-one support from the RD team to discuss any issues that come up for you in relation to your professional development – book an appointment here.

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