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Postdoc Academy


Postdocs of Cambridge (PdOC)

PdOC is the University society for all postdoctoral research staff and Junior Research Fellows (JRFs) at Cambridge. It is run by postdocs, for postdocs.

All Cambridge postdocs are welcome to join and there is no membership fee.

PdOC organise a regular schedule of social events and provide support to fellow postdocs.

Find out more about PdOC on their website, including how you can get involved and sign up for their weekly newsletter.


Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge (EPOC)

EPOC was formed in 2015 and exists to maximise the entrepreneurial and business potential of Cambridge’s world-leading research community.

To do this, EPOC delivers events and initiatives to support Cambridge researchers in their pursuit of business and entrepreneurial ventures, and seeks to awaken them to the multitude of opportunities around them.

Membership is free and open to all postdocs affiliated with the University and partner institutes.

Find out more about EPOC on their website, including how you can get involved and subscribe to their mailing list.


University Clubs and Societies

Just like any member of staff, postdocs are entitled to join many of the incredible array of Cambridge University societies and sports clubs.

Some may be restricted to students, but many are open to staff as well.

Colleges also have their own societies and sports clubs, some of which will be open to you even if you are not affiliated with that College.

Each College maintains its own website where you will find information about any clubs based there – you can find links to all of the College websites here