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Postdoc Academy




Over the next few weeks and months you're going to see some changes to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, the first being that we're now called the Postdoc Academy.

The Postdoc Academy will provide further recognition to the community, both symbolic and practical, which will build on the foundations already established by the OPdA.

The Postdoc Academy will introduce a membership and partnership model - details of which will be disseminated in the new academic year.

You'll see changes to our digital and social media, but any of our communications that you follow or are signed up to will continue to reach you.

Nothing will change about the support that's available to you here, we are still here for you whenever you need us.

You can now find us on Twitter @Postdoc_Academy

Latest news

Remembering Professor Chris Abell FRS FMedSci (1957-2020)

28 October 2020

A tribute to Professor Chris Abell, a kind and compassionate man who went out of his way to champion the postdoc community.

Postdoc Appreciation Week 2020 Round-up

25 September 2020

Highlights from the celebrations for Postdoc Appreciation Week 2020 at Cambridge.

Postdoc Academy Podcasts - how can we improve the research culture at Cambridge?

22 September 2020

What is research culture? Why is there a problem with it at Cambridge and across academia? What we can all do to improve it? We discussed these questions and more with some special guests for a Postdoc Appreciation Week podcast!

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