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Postdoc Academy


The group is a sub-committee of the University Finance Committee - meetings are roughly once per term.

Why should you consider volunteering?

  • It’s an opportunity to have real influence on pension arrangements at the University, as well as get insight in to University processes.
  • It’s a very senior committee – being part of a group like this will enhance your visibility across the University and bring you in to contact with many people who could be useful in your career.
  • Being part of a substantive committee is useful professional development and can be added to your CV. It’s a good learning experience to see how committees are managed and run.
  • The postdoc community has fought very hard for representation on senior committees in the University, and it is important that volunteers take up these opportunities when they arise. 

If you are interested, please email your CV and a short statement (300 words) on why you are interested in this opportunity to

For more information please download the Terms of Reference and the Working Group's October Minutes.

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