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Working from home remains the default position for those who can do so. 

Unless you have been working onsite already, you should continue to work remotely.

The Buildings Task Force has been looking carefully at re-opening buildings primarily for research purposes. It is important that all of our buildings are safe before they open and that robust protocols are in place, that are based on relevant Government guidance.

Individual Heads of Institution will be responsible for the safe operation of designated areas within buildings as part of this programme. 

The University's intention is to facilitate access to research buildings as soon as it is safe to do so, but there are no guarantees that any building will be re-opened for any particular research activity at this time.

It will be entirely possible that, although some buildings or areas of research activity are re-opened, not all the group members previously working in those areas will be invited to return to their place of work (the average occupation density is expected to be less than 30% of that under business as usual).

All staff and students should wait for a specific instruction from their head of institution or head of group that it is now safe for them to return to their usual, or other delegated, work place and provision has been made for them to do so.

If you have any questions or are feeling concerned please do not hesitate to contact or your local departmental postdoc representative.



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