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Cambridge Zero / National Space Innovation Programme

Application deadline: 5 January 2021

Cambridge Zero is the University of Cambridge's ambitious new climate change initiative. They are seeking a Research Associate (Fixed Term, for 5 months) to support a project funded through the UK Space Agency's National Space Innovation Programme.

The project is led by the Cambridge Institute of Astronomy, and aims to design and build a prototype of a new Thermal Infrared (TIR) earth observation telescope to be placed on a satellite in low-earth orbit, with the objective of monitoring the energy output of buildings at much greater resolution than is possible from existing satellites.

The Research Associate's role in this project will be to develop the end-user climate change cases for the proposed TIR telescopes, e.g. as a tool for ensuring that governments, companies and even individuals are on track to meet internationally agreed carbon emission goals.

This is an exciting opportunity to work in a high profile, pioneering initiative helping tackle the challenge of creating a zero-carbon future.

Applications are welcome from internal candidates who would like to apply for the role on the basis of a secondment from their current role in the University.

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The secrets to successful partnering with pharma companies - video tutorials from AstraZeneca

Are you looking to partner your promising science or assets? Interested in collaborating with AstraZeneca but not sure where to start?

Through a series of video tutorials, AstraZeneca’s business development team are sharing their expertise in identifying, negotiating and sustaining collaborations that create benefit for patients and a win-win outcome for both partners.

They will also reveal their top tips for how you can successfully pitch your science or assets to AstraZeneca.

You can find all of these tutorials and resources here.

And from the researchers' side - hear how collaboration with AstraZeneca has benefitted academics at the University of Glasgow GLAZgo Discovery Centre and the Medical Research Council.

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