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Postdoc Academy


Neha Agrawal    

Dr Neha Agrawal

I am a Research Associate at the Gurdon Institute in Professor Andrea Brand’s group and a Bye-fellow with Murray Edwards College. 

In my current research, I am investigating the genetic basis of obesity to identify and examine novel obesity causing genes, in collaboration with Professor Sadaf Farooqi at the Institute of Metabolic Science. 

I did my PhD from the National Centre for Biological Sciences, India where I studied the role of calcium signalling in modulating organismal behaviour. I then moved to the Institute of Biology Valrose, France where I examined the nutritional regulation of growth control. 

I have a long-standing and active interest in science education and outreach and have been involved with various educational organisations and initiatives. I have been interested in a ‘Systems Thinking’ approach in educationwhich I exploredas a visiting fellow at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, India.

The Borysiewicz Fellowship programme provides an exceptional opportunity for me to gain novel insights and perspectives and develop skills that will significantly benefit both my research and engagement with education.


Simon Baker 

Dr Simon Baker

I am a research associate at the Cambridge Language Technology Lab (LTL), I am a computer scientist by training (PhD from the Computer Lab in Cambridge).

My primary research interest is the application of Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) and natural language processing techniques to text mining of biomedical literature.

Particularly, I focus on building tools that enable biomedical researchers leverage automatically extracted knowledge in their lab work, by finding hidden correlations and relations in biomedical text.

This can be used to speed up literature reviews, identify and generate new hypotheses that can be later verified in the lab, or simply retrieving information more efficiently than using traditional search engines and databases such as PubMed. 

I look forward to applying my skills in machine learning and natural language processing in new and impactful areas during the Borysiewicz Fellowship.


Carin Ingemarsdotter

Dr Carin Ingemarsdotter

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Professor Andrew Lever’s laboratory in the Department of Medicine at University of Cambridge, and a Cancer Research UK Pioneer Award holder.

My research focuses on biomedical innovations and therapeutic developments for HIV and cancer. I run the RNA gene therapy team together with Professor Lever, co-supervising students in the laboratory.

I did my PhD training at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC) graduating with a PhD in Life Sciences from University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Following this, for my first postdoctoral position in cancer research, I joined Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London.  

I am passionate about translating therapeutics from the laboratory to the clinic. In my spare time I focus on entrepreneurial activities.

Through the Borysiewicz Biomedical Sciences Fellowship Programme, I hope to develop skills to improve as a researcher and an aspiring entrepreneur to pursue this path aiming to have a positive impact on society.


Gita Khalili-Moghaddam

Dr Gita Khalili-Moghaddam

Having a background in artificial intelligence and biomedical engineering, I contributed towards the development of disruptive technologies in clinical audiology and ophthalmology in Iran and Australia.

Having received a Medtech Accelerator Award in 2018, I am now developing a passive, real-time imaging device to assist cancer surgeons at CUH. 

During my time in Cambridge, I have broadened my research interests beyond medical technologies to include digital healthcare. My PhD in biotechnology empowered me with the prospect of developing an ‘ideal’ point-of-care test for remote monitoring/diagnosis.

Meanwhile, I have invested my time on entrepreneurial development that has led to being a finalist for the Techpreneurs Awards for Women 2019. I am also active in promoting the UK’s diverse entrepreneurs to create more opportunities and increase economic growth.  

The Borysiewicz Biomedical Fellowship is a unique opportunity for me to understand better the global challenges in a community of likeminded individuals.

The Fellowship prepares me to lead a health innovation portfolio with the ultimate goal of integrating people into the ‘Internet-of-People’ paradigm and optimising the healthiness of everyone, everywhere. This, in turn, will enhance the value proposition of global health.


Olga Loblova

Dr Olga Löblová

I am a Research Associate at the Department of Sociology, where I study the regulatory aspects of molecular diagnostics and cancer screening as part of the ERC-funded CANCERSCREEN project.

My research interests focus on health policy in particular, and public policy in general.

My PhD research focused on the politics of health technology assessment (HTA), and health-care priority-setting and reimbursement decision-making in general. I have a PhD in political science from Central European University (2016; Public Policy track) and MA degrees from the College of Europe (2010) and Sciences Po Paris (2009).

I have also worked as a consultant in European and global health policy and in Brussels pharmaceutical lobbying, and am an active member of Czexpats - a network of Czech scientists working abroad. 

As a Borysiewicz fellow, I would like to further explore the landscape of funding decisions in health care by collaborating with colleagues from across disciplines.


Ekaterina Yonova Doing

Dr Ekaterina Yonova-Doing

I am a statistical geneticist at the University of Cambridge MRC/BHF Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit, where I explore the role of mitochondrial DNA variants, an understudied part of our genome, in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic traits.

I am also interested in harnessing “big data” and multi-omics approaches to study the relationship between genes and disease.

Originally from Bulgaria, I studied in Italy and the Netherlands and received my PhD in Genetic Epidemiology from King’s College London.

Besides genetics, I am also interested in education, widening participation, public engagement and SciArt. Thus, during my PhD, I worked with The Brilliant Club, Nuffield Research Placements, and KCL K+ programme.

I am also involved in independent and community film projects. Previously I was an assistant director in a documentary and a member of the board of directors of a foundation supporting independent and art-film productions.

Apart from honing my leadership and communication skills, I envision that the Borysiewicz Fellowship programme will help me to sustainably translate my efforts from the local to the global scale.